Sales Explained

Initial Instruction

We are instructed to act on your behalf in the sale of your property.

We provide you with our Initial Paperwork and request from you: Signed Terms of Engagement, Sales Particulars Form, ID and Proof of Address, Property Information Form, Fittings and Contents Form, Overriding Interest Questionnaire and an Initial Payment of £250

Draft Contracts

We apply for Official Copy Entries (the title deeds) from Land Registry and prepare draft contracts.

We send Draft Contracts to the Buyer’s Solicitor


We receive any enquiries that the Buyers have in respect of the draft contracts, along with a draft Transfer Deed. We draft responses to the same and seek your replies if needed.

We send the replies to enquiries to the Buyer’s Solicitors.


Once we have received confirmation that all enquiries have been answered, we will arrange for you to attend our offices (where possible) and arrange for you to sign the Contract and Transfer Deed.

We agree a completion date with the Buyer’s Solicitors

(this is when it becomes legally binding and the completion date is finalised)


We order a final redemption figure for your mortgage (if applicable) and put together a completion statement showing the proceeds of sale due to you


We pay off the mortgage (where applicable), settle your account with the estate agents and ourselves and send you the money due